Carloforte - St. Peter's Island - Sardinia - Italy


Il viaggio dei liguri di Pegli

A thousand Ligurians in October 1541, following the Lomellini, Gentlemen of Pegli (Genova), landed in Tabarka, a Tunisian island, to devote themselves to diving for coral.
At the beginning of the 1700's, due to the repeated raids of the barbaric pirates and the impoverishment of the coral reefs, the Tabarkins accepted Carlo Emanuele III's invitation of Savoia, King of the Sardinian Piedmontese Kingdom, and moved to St. Peter's Island, at the time uninhabited; they therefore, estabilished the city of Carloforte, in honor of the sovereign (April 17, 1738).

On the St. Peter's Island they contined to devote themselves to tuna fishing and diving for coral.
At the end of the 1700's, Carloforte suffered two invasions. The first from the French and the second, much more dramatic, from the Tunisian pirates, who left again for Africa with more than 800 hostages.

La statua di Carlo Emanuele III

Only after five years were they finally set free, thanks to king Carlo Emanuele IV.
In the second half of the last century, Carloforte had gone through an enormous development, encouraged by the mining of minerals near the Iglesiente-Guspinese area. These minerals were transported to the island by entrpreneurs and the local workforce, to be later shipped to far-off destinations.

With the mining crisis, came a strong revival of the traditional activities (fishing, craftsman ship).
Today the island of St. Peter confirmation with the tourism its main vocation.


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