Carloforte - St Peter's island - Sardinia - Italy


Nestled in a spectacular view, result of a fortunate encounter of a land and enchanting waters, St. Peter's Island is home to rare botanical species and protected animals.
They have here the ideal habitat: the "Aleppo" Pinetree, the juniper, myrtle, rosemary, the dwarf palm, the spontaneous orchids and the very rare Astralagus Martimus Moris (exclusive relict of St. Peter's Island, where there still exists the conditions that permit their survival in a very limited area).

Astragalus maritimus mori

Falco Eleonorae

The queen's hawk (falco Eleonorae) and the Corsican seagull make their nests on the cliffs.
Inland there is an alternance of country homes, pineforests, vineyards and striking pathways, immersed in the green. The coast is an uninterrupted succession of white beaches, of volcano-genic stacks and walls of rocks lapped by the waves.

The sea is enchanting, rich in various colors and tones.
You can live it intensely by practising underwater sports, fishing, sailing, surfing and water skiing, or else, by boat you can tranquilly sail around the island to admire the caves, the impressive cliffs and the small inlets.
The sea has always been of enormous wealth to the Carolinis: from it, they have received resources and culture: in the sea, they've always acknowledged themselves as sailors, fishermen and as skillful builders of wooden boats.

Falco Eleonorae


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