Carloforte - St. Peter's Island - Sardinia - Italy


Few places in the world, isolated from their homeland, have been able to conserve for 250 years, culture, customs and dialect from their native land, the Liguria (Pegli-Genova), as in Carloforte.

This novelty is of interest not only to the Liguria, but even to the scholars of folk traditions.

The cheerful nature of the Tabarkins reveals itself most of all al Carnival time (Carnevale) when in the cinema-theater Cavallera, dances are held until dawn, in the serenades through the quaint streets (carruggi), in the chatter of people, in the square and in the get togethers (casciandra) with friends.

Maestro d'ascia al lavoro

In Carloforte it's possible to find in the work of fishermen, sailors, master carpenters, the most authentic spirit of strong traditions conserved with zeal.

The best this island has to offer can be etperienced in the spring, at the beginning of summer or towards the end: tranquillity, wholesome foods, the sea, folk traditions and a sincere welcome made up of gestures from everyday life, just like in a family.


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