Carloforte - St. Peter's Island - Sardinia - Italy


The cuisine of Carloforte is a material testimony to its own history.
The result of a meeting of the tastes of Liguria with the strong flavors of Arabia, they are able to reach an incomparable synthesis of fragrances and wholesomeness.

Rarely, as on this island, does food reach pleasantness and intensity.

La Mattanza

In the first courses - homemade pasta suchas, pasta with "pesto" sauce ("pasta cu pestu") "macaroni" and "cursetti", in the second courses - fish with the "cassolla" and tuna - based dishes:
"guresi", "tonnina" and "musciamme".

Memory of simple and old customs are the unique dishes like the "capponata", sea biscuits seasoned with tomato, oil and aromatic basil and the "farinata of ceci" that, like in Carloforte, is enjoyed only in certain ovens of Savona and Genova (Italy).

The arabic influence in the food is found in the "cus-cus" because of its seasoning, made up entirely of vegetables.
Definitely worth tasting are the characteristic sweets: "cavagnetti", "canestrelli" (biscuits), "giggeri" and "panetti of fichi".

You don't forget Carloforte, the desire to return always remains.


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